Susan Trimbath Interview

 Trimbath Interview (mentions CMKX in 2nd Hour)
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Good stuff/history on the DTCC, counterfeiting/FTDs/NSS, Clearing/Settlement:

1st Hour:

2nd Hour:

– Cert Pull on CMKM Diamonds
– DTCC’s squash on future issuers calling for Cert Pulls
– Criminal activities against CMKX shareholders

Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is CEO and Chief Economist of STP Advisory Services. Her training in finance and economics began with editing briefing documents for the Economic Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She worked in operations at depository trust and clearing corporations in San Francisco and New York, including Depository Trust Company, a subsidiary of DTCC; formerly, she was a Senior Research Economist studying capital markets at the Milken Institute. Her PhD in economics is from New York University. In addition to teaching economics and finance at New York University and University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business), Trimbath is co-author of Beyond Junk Bonds: Expanding High Yield Markets.

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