Al Didn’t Come Out Of Nowhere

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4 hours ago swordfish168  said: so the plaintiffs went into this without any evidence  presented.
my understanding is that they put up money for this also – is  that true
so a attorney comes out  of nowhere, tells multiple people to get involved, shows no  evidence and asks you to put up money.
if so, that is amazing to me –  getting involved like that.
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Actually  Al didn’t come out of nowhere.

He  worked with Maheu and was cmkm’s asset lawyer during the cert pull and the task  force that Maheu set up. So I’d think, that as our asset lawyer and having worked with Maheu,  and having worked with the Task force during the cert pull, that there’s a good  chance that he knows where/what/who has our assets. He also is the lawyer that was with Maheu in the  room during the brokerage meeting set up by Maheu. I say that because he gave a  verbal description of the room the meeting was in……he did that in a court of  law before a judge so I’d think that Al has evidence or proof, because he was a  witness.

So,it’s not  really amazing that Al seemed to get involved, because he always was  involved
You and many others just weren’t aware  that he was there all along, in the background. And now you know, it wasn’t  blind faith…….it was that others were blind to his involvement…..and he  didn’t come out of nowhere.

My understanding is that Al was approached to  track and find our money….so Al also didn’t “tell” anyone to get involved,  although he did find strong plaintiffs for the case. He took the job on and he  did his job well.

I am not sure if he asked for money……you’d have to  ask the plaintiffs each about that, all I know is he never asked me or the  shareholders for a dime. Did he ask you?

Yep……this is all pretty  amazing…isn’t it.

Also……Steve’s response has been explained in  another thread. His comments were based on a past meeting with Al when Steve was  just new to CEO position. Why would Al have trusted anyone who was fresh into  the situation? He wouldn’t. Now, has Steve proven that he can be trusted enough  for Al to share information with at this time? Well, only time will  tell

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